LMAO! Steve Bannon Just Said What We ALL Think About Hillary And It’s HILARIOUS

Is it too late for publishers to add THIS observation to the ‘what happened’ book?
It’s probably the most honest assessment yet.

Bannon was interviewed. He had a lot of things to say about a lot of people.

He even had a grudging respect for some of his adversaries.

But Hillary wasn’t one of them:

This is not partisanship on my part. I’ve seen Bill Clinton’s brilliance. There is no question Chuck Schumer has plenty going on. Barack Obama is not the genius everyone says he is, but Barry’s still plenty smart. Even Nancy Pelosi has shown some true savvy.

Hillary Clinton is just dumb. Plain dumb. Not once during the quarter century that I have suffered under the oppression of her voice, her condescension, her awkward fumbles at being real, have I witnessed her porch lights come on. Not once have I said, There it is! —

Just plain dumb.


He wasn’t done yet…

I know what the rebuttal is: that dumb people don’t almost become president of these here United States. Let me respond to that in three ways…

1) No intellectually honest person will tell you Hillary Clinton would be where she is had she not married Bill. That is not a slam on women, plenty of whom have emerged from their husband’s shadow to distinguish themselves: Katharine Graham, Arianna Huffington, Eleanor Roosevelt, Abigail Adams, etc. Given a change of fate, we can see each one of these women succeeding in some way all on their own.

Don’t’ measure her ‘success’ either. He’s seen too many ‘marginal’ people ‘fail upward’ in both media and politics. All it takes is ambition. Saying the right things to the right people takes many further than their native talents ever could.

Having a media kiss her ass 24/7 didn’t hurt her chances either.

After all their pounding of Bannon as some personification of evil, it’s funny how he’s getting the last laugh in the end.

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