LMAO! CNN’s Acosta Gets BRUTALLY BBQ’ed For LYING About Trump – Scalise Visit

And he WONDERS why CNN was demoted to the back row? THIS is why!

What a knucklehead.

Hey Jim… this story makes your ‘Pinned tweet’ …

… look absolutely ridiculous.

More than 1000 retweets, almost 2000 likes, and it’s now deleted.

Why? Because it’s a lie.

Sorry, Acosta, but you can’t make screen captures disappear. See?

Here he is backpedaling and passing the blame…

Oops. He got called out!

When it’s the story you WANT to tell, you don’t even PRETEND to maintain journalistic skepticism anymore.

It is exactly THAT … not the network, not even the stories themselves… but your narrative and bias… that defines you as ‘fake’.

If you don’t like the label ‘fake’ you could swap it with our OTHER name for you… Media (D).

NOW do you understand?

Share if THIS is why don’t respect CNN.

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