Too Little, Too Late: Parkland Students Ordered To Carry Clear Backpacks – Buh, Bye Freedom

They really weren’t thinking this through, were they?

Suddenly Florida is planning for ‘another massacre’.

Does this mean Broward has upgraded any male Sheriff’s deputies to people with a complete set of genitalia?

Does it mean they’ve scrapped the PROMISE program that kept dangerous students like Cruz from getting picked up on law enforcement’s radar?

Does it mean they’re actually going to USE the Baker Act provisions in the future, instead of just ‘recommending’ them like they did with Cruz — which could have disqualified him from any lawful firearms purchases, including, perhaps, the eventual murder weapon.

Maybe they’re planning to station a competent armed guard on premises?

Well, there is a school resource officer at each premises. But no word if they’ll be competent.

The big NEW plan is to make students carry clear backpacks. Obviously, the first instinct of a big-government solution is to become MORE intrusive, and less practical.

Right. Anyone want to tell them how this could go wrong?

Robert W. Runcie, the superintendent of Broward County Public Schools, sent a letter to the families of Stoneman Douglas High students imposing the new backpack rule.

The New York Times described it as being ‘reminiscent of security measures at airports and professional sports venues’.

Let me count the ways.

Here’s a few without trying, just off the top of the head.

1) Does it matter if the backpack is clear if there is something INSIDE the bag that’s opaque? Like a lunch bag, or grocery bag, or a towel? What about a handgun under waist band, or a gun strapped to a leg? (There are no metal detectors, at least not yet.)

Could something STILL be smuggled in unnoticed? Of course it could. Especially once people started to get lax about looking at the bags.

2) Parents of daughters — how would you feel about your girl’s feminine hygiene products, etc being visible in the clear bag? Would that not be humiliating? Is her privacy and dignity worth something? Kids can be cruel, especially about that sort of thing. Will girls be expected to carry clear purses, too?

3) Will having clear backpacks create a new problem for students? If they’ve got a phone, a laptop or some other valuable electronics in there, and they’re walking down the street, won’t they be a more likely target for having that gear stolen? What about in their own classroom when they step out to the washroom, if kids know that it’s in there?

Is this really the best they could come up with?

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