Libs Don’t Like Trump’s Controversial Big Game Hunting Group – But You Will

As loudly as they once celebrated those laws about importing big game trophies, leftists will be lamenting over this group’s very existence.

They have recognized that the problem Conservation faces isn’t hunting at all… it’s POACHING.

Which is a distinction the anti-hunting left has a really tough time making, what with their visceral hatred and general demonizing of all things relating to hunting.

Even a pre-teen girl hunting a ‘nuisance’ giraffe and feeding 400 kids in an orphanage with its meat was an ‘outrage’ to them.

Father And Twelve-Year-Old Daughter Feed Hundreds Of Orphans — Liberals OUTRAGED!

But we have an Interior Department now that actually has outdoorsmen involved in making the decisions that matter. People who know the value of sustainable populations, because they want the nature they personally enjoy to still be around for the enjoyment of grandchildren and beyond.

The 16 members of the Interior Department’s new Wildlife Conservation Council — the majority of whom have ties to pro-hunting organizations — met for the first time Friday and found little cause for disagreement.

Members agreed that hunting is necessary for conserving endangered species and impoverished communities in Africa; that illegal hunting — largely done by organized crime communities — should not to be mistaken with legal paid hunting; and that the council needed to act fast.

“I believe that everyone here today has a shared interest in wildlife conservation, both in America and around the world,” U.S. Fish and Wildlife (FWS) head Greg Sheehan said. “There are many ways to enhance and protect those populations. We believe that hunters and dollars that they bring to foreign nations contribute towards conservation efforts.”
Source: The Hill

Earlier this month, Fish and Wildlife Services changed its policy regarding the imports of African elephant trophies from a blanket ban in some regions to a determination on a ‘case-by-case’ basis.

The meeting on Friday focused on highlighting the problem of the depleted elephant and rhino populations in various African countries. The focus was that hunting is integral to maintaining those wildlife populations.

The group has been criticized by Democrats for not including enough anti-hunting activists — er, I mean — members of animal rights or wildlife groups. The complaints have been that the Council has a blanket pro-hunting stance with no dissenters.

One critic, the top Democrat on the House Natural Resources Committee, Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) says, ‘They are reinforcing whatever their message and their agenda is. That is kind of indicative of how they run it, and indicative of a predetermined decision. A cheerleading group. Then the decision is validated for them.

But Ivan Carter, an elephant hunting safari guide and host of a TV show on human wildlife conflict, said that he considered education to be the council’s main goal.

“What I hope to bring to this council is a lot of very first-hand experience from the third world dealing with these issues,” said Carter, who was voted chairman of the council’s subcommittee on enforcement.

“A hunter that tells you the reason he goes hunting is to dig a well, feed a community, or whatever — that’s not the truth. The truth is they go hunting because they like the pursuit. And thank goodness for that, because they are prepared to pay a large amount of money to do that and the resulting benefit of that money are all of these other benefits.”
Source: The Hill

Leave it to the Democrats to oppose an expert from Africa if he fails to conform to the DNC-approved political talking points.

Since a lot of the conservation is concerned about poaching in places like Africa, can you imagine the arrogance of Leftists thinking they know more than the people who live there what the issues are and are not truly about?

Why would they POSSIBLY oppose a ‘third-world’ expert? Unless they are guilty of the patronizing America-centric ‘Colonialist’ attitudes they love to accuse everyone else of perpetuating.

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