Liberals Are Tweeting About Mar-A-Lago & Irma And It’s TRULY Disgusting

In sharp contrast to how everyone stepped up to help each other after Harvey, the Anti-Trump crowd is cheering for the Hurricane.

These are the same people that love to flaunt their concern for their fellow man.

Turns out ‘fellow man’ is a fairly exclusive group.

Because they are actually cheering for calamity to happen to Trump.

Do they know how petty this makes them look?

Did we cheer when Richard Branson’s mansion was flattened? No. We urged others to take this dangerous storm seriously.

Looks like they never heard this:

Do not rejoice when your enemy falls,
and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles,
Proverbs 24:17

So, now that the hurricane is bearing down of Florida, what are they saying about the potential victims in its path?

Yes, they are. Especially where Trump is involved.


It will be an inconvenience for Trump, sure. But what will that do to all the employees who count on that job? Do you REALLY think there is a political litmus test for working there?

They don’t care who ELSE gets hurt, so long as it scores a hit on that person they despise.

Actively cheering the destruction.

Liberals love democracy more than the rest of us. We ‘know’ this because they tell us so. Even if it sometimes seems to contradict their actions. Like cheering for people in the government to die… or at least get hurt.

Oh, Jacquie. You’re right up there with that Democrat who was worried that Guam might capsize, with all those military types on it.

And can you get much more cynical than this?

Oh. Turns out you can:


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