Liberals Threaten To Block Tanks With Their Bodies At Trump’s Military Parade

But hey, they’re not anti-American and they support our military, right?


An activist that ran for Senate for the Green Party in Colorado in 2016, Arn Menconi, is advocating for liberals willing to stand up ‘in front of the tanks in the military parade’ to recreate the imagery of the Tiananmen Square protest in 1989 to make a commitment to do just that if President Trump holds a military parade.

You know, that iconic image of ‘Tank Man’.

Watch Menconi’s appeal:

Um… about that…

That wasn’t a military parade to celebrate the Chinese armed forces. That was a pro-democracy free speech movement that the Communist government of China killed by sending in the military, including tanks to intimidate and murdering hundreds — perhaps thousands — of their own citizens. The communist government didn’t take kindly to an uprising of Chinese university students protesting their authoritarian regime and sent in the military with automatic rifles and military vehicles.

Let’s educate Menconi with what a quick YouTube search can yield:

Menconi claims that there are now almost 50 Americans willing to do this.

(These tweets have been screen-captured for posterity.)

This tweet was the perfect response to his nonsense:

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