Liberals Love The GOP Tax Cuts When They Thought It Was Bernie’s Idea

Busted! Anything with Trump’s name attached to it is ‘evil’. But Bernie’s their Bro!

And this is what we mean by ‘zombie’.

You have given up any independent critical thinking.

Ideas are good or bad because they’re good or bad, not because they’re said by Trump or Bernie… right?

Sure. But these guys never got the memo.

They’re New York Bernie Bros with a hate on for Trump why would they possibly like a Republican policy?

Hang on, he’s setting a trap.

The only thing that would have made this better is if he’d quoted Bernie’s praise of Venezuela’s Socialism not a few short years before it collapsed into a destroyed, lawless, starving shell of a civilization.

These New York Bernie bros begin by telling Ari that they’re upset about Trump. That they disapprove of his plan (or at least what they’ve heard about it) and then they are told about the ‘alternative’ tax plan that Bernie has ‘proposed’.

(See where this is going?)

You guessed it.

They love themselves some Bernie.

Look at that one girl’s ‘sad face’ when she said she misses him, and how rational he is.

Then he lays out several key pieces of the legislation that they ‘hate’. And one by one, these same interviewees start lapping them up. Because THESE were ideas not to be questioned.

Ideas that their Bro Bernie brought down from Mount Zion (or whatever his Soviet-Sympathizing equivalent might be) on stone tablets inscribed with his infinate wisdom.

Oops. Maybe they don’t hate Trump.

Maybe they just hate what the Democrats and their Complicit Media (D) told them they should believe about Trump.

As it is, they’re having to tell bigger and bigger lies to make their case. Which is looking shakier every day.

They’re at the point that they’re telling us we are ‘literally going to die’.

Maybe the dopes will wake up in a year or two and realize they haven’t. We will see “redpilling” (a realizing that you don’t actually believe the ‘progressive’ propaganda) on a scale not seen since Walter Mondale.

Won’t that be so … what’s the word…


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They want to be protected by the police and the military, but they attack and criticize the men and women who protect us. They call conservatives “racists,” but it’s their own identity politics that have created race problems in the first place. After all, Democrats were the party of slavery!

They attack hunters, but have no problem wearing leather shoes or owning cars with leather upholstery! And of course, they believe guns kill people. Not the people that pull the trigger.

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