Ugh. Liberals are gross. The way they ignore Malia’s giant bong pics but go mental over Barron Trump’s t-shirt shows just how gross they are.

Remember Malia’s twerking and weed-smoking at Lallapalooza?

Or her pictures with alcohol and a giant bong while on vacation?

Getting into a club while underage?

All that gets is a shrug.

But the left is going berserk over Barron Trump’s t-shirt that reads, ‘The Expert’.

And his fidget spinner.

You know, that hot toy that EVERYONE who is 11 owns.

Kids (and some ‘adults’) are going nuts for these things.

But, it’s a weird thing for autistic kids if the President’s son has one.

Ok, stop. Just stop.

Leave the kid alone.

Have you met a lot of 11-year old boys?

Even non autistic 11-year old boys act as though they are autistic.

It’s part of being an 11-year old boy.

I should know.

I have one that (thankfully) lived through those awkward years and one that is still hoping to.

(That’s a joke. No need to call child protective services. Instead, look up what a ‘sense of humor’ is. And if you still don’t understand, you obviously haven’t spent much time with 11-year old boys.)

Back to the crazy Libs, though.

They’ve got their panties all bunched up again.

Which is also gross.

But, it has to ultimately be about President Trump, amirite?

One guy gets it:

Liberal hypocrites.

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