LIBERALISM 101: It’s BAD For Russia To Interfere In Our Elections But It’s OK For Illegals To Vote

Is it just me or is Liberalism difficult to understand?

ClashDaily Big Dawg, Doug Giles, poses an interesting question:

The phrase ‘Liberal logic’ seems to be an oxymoron.

That would make the ‘logic’ part represented by ‘oxy’ and the ‘liberal’ part would be represented by…

Well, nevermind.

Here’s a prime example — the constant shrieking about ‘Russian interference’ in the election, and how that’s so very, very bad.

However, if you cross over that southern border illegally, well, goshdarnit, you’d best be handed a ballot!

How is it that one foreign group voting illegally is bad and must be investigated, but another foreign entity doing the same is good and there should be no questions asked?

It’s so incredibly confusing.

Maybe if the Leftists read this it would help them out…

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