Lawsuit Looms Over NFL After Yet Another Dumb Business Decision

This one isn’t the fans, obviously, they’ve all gone home. (Well played, Goodell!)

They’re getting sued for a really, really stupid marketing move.

They are accused of lifting the tagline of a Sports site… one that was already pretty hostile to the NFL and some of its lame decisions lately — and not just the Kneeling, either.

The website Barstool Sports has threatened to file a lawsuit claiming the NFL stole its “Saturdays Are For The Boys” trademark.

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” website founder Dave Portnoy argued that the NFL committed a copyright violation by putting shirts on sale featuring team logos and the words “Sundays Are For The [Team Name].”

“The NFL has no problem suing everybody when they think they’ve even sneezed at what they’re doing. So, we decided we’d fight back on this one,” Portnoy said.

Host Tucker Carlson asked why the NFL didn’t just pay Barstool Sports for the right to use the trademark.

“Apparently they thought they could just take it, or they didn’t think we’d notice, possibly, which I don’t know how it’s possible because we hate them and they hate us,” Portnoy said.
Source: FoxNews

There was ‘no love lost’ between them to begin with.

After DeflateGate, some staff from that website did a sit-in at NFL HQ… and were arrested.

Doesn’t the NFL have some kind of a top-notch marketing team? Why would they need to recycle someone else’s slogan?

Incompetence or arrogance?

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