Latest Judical Ruling Shows Just How Screwed Germany And The EU Really Are

If you like your terrorist employee, you can keep your terrorist employee… OR ELSE.

Some have speculated what a societal collapse really looks like. Not the kind that end by fighting a massive war and being destroyed or conquered in the process, but the other kind. The ones without a battle cry being uttered or a shot fired.

The ones when a culture slides into decay and implodes.

We’re watching it happen in real time.

The German courts — the same ones who upheld a Third-Reich Era law that forbade one Christian Family from homeschooling…

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… have weighed in on the case of ISIS recruiters working for Volkswagon.

If ever there were a reason of firing ‘for cause’ you’d think that being a recruiter for ISIS in a Western nation would suffice, right?


To make it worse, he personally threatened his colleagues with a subtle threat, one easily misunderstood:

Samir B. also reportedly threatened colleagues, telling them they would “all die.”

So obviously the courts ruled in favor of the Jihadis. Wouldn’t you?

A German employment court ruled that the automobile giant Volkswagen would have to reinstate an employee they fired in 2016 for allegedly recruiting people to fight for the Islamic State (ISIS) and threatening coworkers. The employee was also connected to ISIS fighters, according to police.

The Hanover State Employment Court ruled that Samir B., a German-Algerian tire fitter who worked for Volkswagen for 8 years, was unlawfully fired. The court ordered that Volkswagen reinstate Samir B. in one month’s time.

Two of Samir B.’s known associates had travelled to Syria in 2014 to join ISIS and were later killed fighting for the Islamist terror group. In December 2014, the employee was stopped at Hanover Airport before boarding a flight to Istanbul, Turkey, carrying €9,350 and a drone.
Source: PJMedia

Is this a joke? Sorry, ‘fraid not.

But thanks to Merkel, the whole country is becoming one.

Hashtag #legacy, Merkel.

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