Kathy Griffin Says Trump Put Her On A ‘Kill List’ – Does Red Hair Dye Make You Dumb AF?

She’s signed up for the tinfoil hat brigade. Things have ‘not gotten better for her’, and it’s all Trumps’ fault. Naturally.

She’s not doing well.

We would normally have taken that to imply ’emotionally’ or perhaps ‘intellectually’ but maybe she means it ‘professionally’, too.

She’s claiming Trump has it in for her. And she’s being destroyed.

Yeah. He’s gonna ‘kill her’.


Skipping over a few more in the series, she’s telling the world about her own importance blah, blah, blah, and her hardships. And she’s whining about how the backstabbers in Hollywood don’t appreciate her. And reminding us all just *how many* awards she’s won (and which ones they were)… she eventually comes to the real point. This is a cry to sell tickets.

You’re using your sob story to flog tickets. With social media.

You can tell your story walking. We have no sympathy for you.

Poor baby. She needs to look up Owen Benjamin. He’s a comic — like she claims to be — who says things that are politically charged and ‘incorrect’ (like she pretends to do) but unlike Kathy Griffin, the things HE said are not endorsed or approved by Silicon Valley.

So HE’s got a lifetime ban from the very same platform she is using to whine and plug her tickets. He’s been demonetized, too. Oh. And his publicist bailed on him.

But he’s a conservative. So instead of whining about how hard life is… he has gone independent, booked his own shows. And filled the venues. He’s doing better than he was before. And he doesn’t have to be on anybody’s short leash to do it.

He’s had his professional life directly attacked, harder than Kathy, did. He’s perservered, and worked hard to make it happen. And one other thing…

He’s not a whiny B— in the process.

Come back when you can take a page from HIS script.

And since you’re convinced you’re a comic, preferably wait to come back until you’ve got something that’s actually worth laughing at. Trump bashing is  predictable, tedious, low-hanging and — because of those things — just plain unfunny.

Do better — if you can.


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