Kate Steinle’s Killer And Clock Boy Show Us Just How Jacked-Up Our Court System Is Getting

Two different leftist media darlings. Two different abuses of our court system.

Look who’s back!

Once you’re a Leftist Media darling, it’s never quite certain that the story has ever quite ‘gone away’. Especially if there’s a chance at milking it to promote the agenda.

Both Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate (the repeat-deportee acquitted for killing Kate Steinle) and Ahmed “Clock-boy” Mohamed were in the news.

Had you forgotten about them? Here’s a quick recap.

Clockboy made the news by disassembling a clock, putting it in a case that could be mistaken for a bomb, and brought it to school. Predictably, teachers called authorities, who took it very, very seriously.

Obama and the left, on the other hand? Couldn’t get enough of him.

A t-shirt from space and a White House Visit.

Ahmed didn’t love America all that much. He left for a Sharia State. Until he came back to fire off a couple of ridiculous lawsuits. The first one was dismissed ‘With Prejudice’ by the judge. Which is about as close as a judge’s professionalism allows him to come to spitting in his face and giving him the finger.

He tried another lawsuit, and — just this week — was shut down again. And AGAIN he is ordered to cover the defendants’ costs. (Any wagers on how likely he is to make good on that legal obligation?)

The decision Tuesday by U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay of Dallas means that Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed’s lawsuit cannot be refiled again based on the same claims. The judge also ordered the family to cover all of the costs of the lawsuit.
Source: KSAT

Next up is the guy who was holding the gun that shot and killed Kate Steinle.

He’s in the news again, too.

Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate, the illegal alien acquitted last year of murdering 32-year-old Kate Steinle in July 2015, has sued the federal government, demanding that it produce documents “pertaining to vindictive prosecution and collusion” with the state government in its prosecution against him.
Source: Breitbart

Two details in this story are especially relevant. The ‘sanctuary state’ status of California (which policy is exactly the opposite of what Jose alleges. State officals are FAILING to cooperate with federal officials.) And his ‘alien’ status in the country.

He had seven previous felony convictions and had been deported five times before finding “sanctuary” on the streets of San Francisco, a noted “sanctuary city.”
Source: Breitbart

Why someone has been thrown out of the country on multiple occasions has ZERO moral authority to rely on the same legal system he repeatedly flaunts to seek reparations from the State.

Frivolous cases like this cost the taxpayer a lot of money.

Two questions come to mind.

1) Why do morons like this keep having lawyers eager and willing to take their case? (In other words, Who’s REALLY driving this, and is it political?)

2) Should we consider making restrictions on who can use our court system and under what circumstances?

Our readers have strong opinions about the rule of law and its abuses. What do you think?

Let us know in the comments.

Do we need to rethink how lawsuits work?

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