Karl Rove Just Gave You Another Reason Not To Like Karl Rove

Karl Rove. That name is almost a curse word in some conservative circles. Here’s yet another reason why.

Rove was one of the first ‘establishment’ conservatives (ie. Swamp Monsters) to declare ‘war’ against the Tea Party.

That’s not an endearing move.

The Tea Party is all about freedom, lower taxes, and commitment to actual conservative principles, rather than just trying to appeal to the mushy middle.

Remember, he was a former Bush advisor that convinced President George W. Bush to balloon the federal budget to be ‘bipartisan’.

Good move, Rove.

And here he goes again.

He says that the President is wrong to call out the NFL ‘take a knee’ crowd.

This from the guy who advocated a ‘softening’ of conservative principles in order to woo moderates that ultimately ushered Mitt Romney to that stunning victory over Barack Obama in 2012 — oh, wait.

Nope. That never happened.

It seems that Rove miscalculated how those policies would play out with the electorate.

He’s learned his lesson, right?

Well, he’s learned about as much as ‘softening’ conservative principles worked.

Watch Rove say that he thinks the President ‘mishandled’ the situation:

From another appearance on Fox News Sunday (video unavailable), Rove said:

What instead of swearing at them, he said, ‘I understand that you have a right to do this, but we stand and respect our flag, not because of America’s imperfections, but because we are constantly as a nation aspiring to the approval of history. We salute the flag because the struggles and the sacrifices of generations of Americans to make this a better country. That is why we stand and salute our flag and why we put our hand over our heart.’

He could have come away from this the winner. But he is walking away from this a loser in the minds of the American people for exactly the reasons you pointed out. He was against the federal government interfering and telling the Washington Redskins what their name should be. Now he is saying fire those people if they do not stand and respect the flag. He ought to be an aspirational figure. He should not be a condemnatory figure.

Is Rove right?

Is this a ‘loser’ for President Trump?

Eh, not so much.

Looks like most Americans agree with him.

On Wednesday, an HBO Real Sports/Marist Poll discovered that 54 percent of Americans believe professional athletes should be required to stand during the national anthem.

The poll also showed 50 percent of Americans (77 percent of Republicans) thought sitting out the anthem was disrespectful while 46 percent (72 percent Democrats) felt the anthem represents the freedom to protest.
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Clash’s Big Dawg, Doug Giles, thinks that we should let these NFL goofballs protest the anthem and the flag and here’s why:

Love that?

And there’s more awesomeness where that came from:

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