John Wayne’s Girls Share Favorite Memories About Their Famous Dad

This is the John Wayne you never knew about.

On-screen tough guy.

Family man.


Big ol’ softie.

Two of John Wayne’s daughters, Marisa and Aissa, spoke to Closer Weekly and discussed his ‘softer side’.

“He’s always portrayed as this tough cowboy, but he also had a tremendous heart,” his youngest daughter, Marisa, 50, tells Closer, adding that the father she knew was a softie who adored his children, liked to shop from catalogs and had a big sweet tooth.

‘Duke’ apparently also cried at sad movies, and ‘gave the best hugs’.

He was also a committed family man and loved having his family with him.

He did things with his kids.

“Pretty much every weekend we would go to Catalina, and on holidays, we’d go to Mexico,” Marisa recalls. “In the summertime, we’d sail up to Canada to go fishing.”

When he was filming, he often brought the whole family along. “We got to travel all over the world with him. In Africa, when he did Hatari!, we got to ride elephants together,” recalls Aissa, 60. “It was quite a childhood.”

Sounds amazing!

These are just more reasons to love John Wayne.

Here are some of his best on-screen moments:

Yeah, that’s the stuff!

And he was a great guy off-screen.

He loved his kids and big, family holiday gatherings.

During the holidays, he gathered all seven kids, their spouses, 21 grandchildren and other relatives together for a huge Thanksgiving celebration at his ranch in Arizona and Christmas in Newport Beach, Calif. “There would be like 40 of us,” Marisa says. “He was happiest when he was around his children. There was such a twinkle in his eye.”
Source: Closer Weekly

Wow. What a great dad he must’ve been to have his girls speak so glowingly about him.

You could have your kids say that kind of thing about you, too.

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