John Bolton: Trump Needs To Nuke ObamaCare Like He Did Iran’s Nuke Deal

Why do we love John Bolton so much? Because he’s always thinking about that next hill to conquer.

No time to rest on his laurels, there’s more work to be done!

No wonder Trump likes Bolton so much!

In a city know for big talkers, he’s a man of action.

‘The Great One’, Mark Levin, had John Bolton on his show last night, discussing the big news of the day, which was Trump spiking the Iran ‘deal’.

Discussing the Iran deal, Bolton told Levin, “I think it’s one of the most consequential decisions of the Trump administration, so far at least, and it reverses one of the two most important things that Obama did, both colossal mistakes.

“This deal with Iran and Obamacare. I wish we could reverse Obamacare as decisively as the president acted today on the Iran deal.”

After his nearly nine-minute interview, Levin declared that “this is a bright new day.”
Source: Washington Examiner

And, on a quiet night, if you listen very carefully, you just might be able to hear the sound of Obama’s legacy crumbling.

We LOVE it!


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