Jodie Foster Believes, ‘Every Man Over 30 Plays A Part In Sexual Misconduct’

Well, that certainly sounds sexist, doesn’t it? And it’s ‘ageist’, too.

So, 29-year old men don’t play a part in sexual misconduct, Jodie?

Those men that treat women with respect and dignity are still complicit, are they?

So says Jodie Foster.

Recently, Foster weighed in on the #MeToo movement that has conflated sexual harassment with sexual assault to the detriment of both.

Just so we’re clear — Harvey Weinstein’s alleged forcible rape is not equivalent to Al Franken’s inappropriate photographed boob-grab of a sleeping woman. Both are reprehensible and inexcusable. But they are not equal.

Matt Damon, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, is being skewered by the witch-hunters in Hollywood searching for heretics due to reasonable comments on the #MeToo movement. Damon, suggested that due process should be observed and a man’s entire life and career shouldn’t be tarnished by unsubstantiated allegations. A petition has been launched to get him booted off Oceans 8 and it has reached 20,000 signatures.

Apparently, just suggesting that men also ‘need to be heard and believed’ is enough to begin the destruction of a career.

Soon the #MeToo folks will be petitioning that all his film credits be changed to ‘Matt Demon’.

If they do that, then Jodie Foster is your poster girl for the #DamonToDemon movement.

She’s made some pretty shocking statements regarding the ‘watershed moment’ that Hollywood is going through right now.

“We really are at a watershed moment,” Foster told USA TODAY, while promoting an upcoming episode of Netflix’s Black Mirror that she directed (premiering Dec. 29). “This part has been painful: these wonderful, amazing narratives that take into consideration everybody’s part in it. I’m really interested and looking forward to the men’s point of view, and what comes next in terms of therapy.

She says that this harassment of women is pervasive and it’s in ‘every industry’ and all women are subjected to it.

“It’s every industry. It’s not just one socioeconomic bracket or one complexion,” Foster said. “Pretty much every man over 30 has to really look and start thinking about their part. And I guarantee, lots of it is unconscious. When you’ve been in a privileged position where you haven’t had to look at your part, you didn’t 100% understand you were in a bubble. It’s an interesting time for men.

Says the Yale graduate that began her career as a child actress and earned an Oscar nomination for playing a child prostitute in Scorcese’s Taxi Driver when she was 12.

Jodie came from a wealthy family that boasted roots to Captain John Alden, who arrived on American shores via the Mayflower in 1620.

So when Jodie Foster talks about privilege, you’d better listen.

She knows what she’s talking about.

All you men out there, take notice — you’re part of the problem according to Ms. Foster.

She’s so smart.

She’s just not bright enough to discuss the issue of consent with her boys, though.

She leaves that to the professionals — she sends her boys to school to learn about all that stuff.

“I have two sons (ages 16 and 19), and I know their perspective,” she continued. “They go to a great school that has put them through the wringer about what consent is, what is humanism, what’s integrity. I just wish my generation had the benefit of that, and that everybody had the benefit of that.”

Consent with a side dose of humanism.


Perhaps she didn’t want to confuse them having played a teen prostitute in her pre-pubescent years.

She’s been around Hollywood since the 1960s, and she’s seen a thing or two.

Of course, she never came forward until now.


“There’s more women in executive positions than you can imagine, so I don’t really think that changed anything,” Foster said. “It didn’t even change women directors. There’s still just as few women directors as when there (were) four studio heads that were women. That didn’t change anything, so I’m not sure.

“Maybe because I started making movies when there were no women, I saw how healthy it was when women came into the picture,” she added. “When I’d go out on movie sets (before), it was like 175 guys in a small town. The second that they started normalizing and bringing women into the picture, which also brought children into the picture, then all of a sudden it wasn’t so unhealthy and people were happier. It didn’t feel like they were in some boot camp somewhere.”

Perhaps it’s just because she’s such a private person.

But she’s hopeful for the future.

As a gay woman in Hollywood, she’s looking forward to more women, minorities, and the marginalized being allowed on set and in the positions of power.

She says that she looks forward to that glorious day when women will know that she is able to say, ‘No’.

“I’m looking forward to a new millennial woman that knows that she can say no,” Foster said. “But honestly, I think what most women want is just for it to stop. They don’t really want to have a lawsuit, they don’t want to have to go on CBS This Morning 400 times. They’d actually just like it to stop and that’ll be the good part.”
Source: USA Today


There is a place where that happens — it’s called anywhere but Hollywood and Washington.

Perhaps because she’s been in Hollywood her entire life that Foster doesn’t realize that this isn’t the way the real world works.

Sure, maybe in Hollywood you get the Oscar Nomination for playing a prostitute at 12, but in the real world, that doesn’t end well.

That’s not to say that bad things don’t happen in the ‘flyover states’. There are scumbags everywhere.

It just seems that these particular kinds of scumbags congregate in Hollywood where beautiful actresses will take off their tops or act as a prostiture when they’re 12 to get a big break.

Jodie’s demonization of all men is sexist.

And before you say that this article is misogynist, well, hate to tell you, but this Clash Editor is a woman.

And I talk to my sons about consent.

You know what I tell them it is?

A wedding ring and mutual respect.

Those lefties are just nutters, aren’t they?

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