Jimmy Kimmel Wants To FIGHT Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade – No, This Isn’t Satire

Late nite comedy sure has changed. We’ve swapped comedy clubs for fight clubs.
No kidding.

No, really… Jimmy Kimmel wants to meet Brian Kilmeade in the playground after school.

Why? Because some of us don’t believe sob stories are a good reason to adopt bad policy.

Kimmel’s kid had heart surgery. (Incidentally, so did Ben Shapiro’s kid. You may remember him as the Conservative they threatened to shut down Berkeley over. Same doctor, and similar condition, in fact.)

Kimmel seems to assume that having a personal experience, especially a negative one — namely a sick kid — suddenly makes him some sort of a policy expert. Funny how Shaprio doesn’t do the same thing, and even mentions all the children at the same hospital who get FREE care because they are charitable and have made provision for the poor.

But Kimmel feels SO strongly about his self-righteous opinion, that he’s ready to pick a fistfight over it.

He’s calling out Brian Kilmeade because anytime he meets Kimmel, Brian supposedly ‘kisses my ass like a little kid meeting Batman. (Does he mean, the same way Jimmy kisses Obama’s?)

Kilmead, he claims, wishes he was Hollywood Elite, but isn’t getting hired to be one.

(Am I the only one who remembers when writers for these monologues actually knew how to write jokes? It’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between him and Rachel Maddow. Not just the delicate wrists, either. Content, too.)

After calling Brian a creep, he says, “Oooooh, I’ll Pound you when I see you.”

Kimmel goes WAY out of his way to ignore all the logic gaps in Obamacare that are cause all the same social ills he accuses the health care changes of… including people who DO pay enormous bills but can never actually USE the ‘universal’ health care it because of the prohibitive costs.

We at ClashDaily would never play the ‘all comedians are stupid card’ — there is a much simpler solution.

So-called elites — Kimmel included — are so neck-deep in an echo chamber that they are never SERIOUSLY exposed to the flaws in their side’s ideas.

You’re not dumb, Jimmy. You’re just one more willfully blind political hack. Oh, and a good buddy of Obama, too. So, you’re obviously ‘objective’.

You never said one damned word about all the people who lost the health care they DID when Obamacare was implemented and have because it would have been career suicide to have done so. Or the people who were cut from full-time employment to part-time.

Because you only care about ‘little people’ if those ‘little people’ align with your political agenda. Did you talk about a lie detector? Try hooking up the guy who said all this:

You haven’t bothered to look at how many communities have ZERO coverage plans to choose from, or how many Doctors no longer accept Medicare because they don’t even break even on reimbursements.

But now, your kid gets sick and you’re suddenly a ‘Policy Ph.D.’. Piled Higher and Deeper, maybe.

This is exactly the kind of drivel that’s making so many of us cut the cable.

Can you even imagine Kimmel in a fight?

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