Jennifer Lawrence Slams Trump Voters Just Before Her New Movie Releases

Millennial actress Jennifer Lawrence gets all political while promoting her movie. Good move or really, really bad idea?

Jennifer Lawrence has been pretty vocal about her leftist views these days.

She’s just like the other Hollywood elitists that rant about a border wall but live behind high fences, insult people of faith while touting their own near-religious devotion to climate change, and whine about the ‘wage gap’ while being paid millions to pretend to be someone else.

It’s ridiculous.

She’s decided that the climate ‘deniers’ that voted for President Trump need to change their views, and pronto.

Because it’s their fault that Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and Hurricane Irma is barrelling towards Florida.

Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Lawrence appeared to insult Trump voters while promoting her new movie in a long and somber interview with Channel 4 News. In the latter end of the interview, she blames those who voted for President Trump for climate change and the devastating hurricanes hitting the southern coast of the country.

“It’s scary,” she responded, “you know, it’s this new language that’s forming, I don’t even recognize it. It’s uhm, it’s also scary to know, it’s been proven through science, that human activity, that climate change is due to human activity, and we continue to ignore it, and the only voice that we really have is through voting.”

“And we voted, and it was really startling,” she said, “you know you’re watching these hurricanes now, and it’s really hard especially while promoting this movie, not to feel mother nature’s rage and wrath.”
Source: The Blaze

So, about that ‘settled science’ that ’97 percent of scientists agree’ with…

Where did most of the 97 percent come from, then? [John] Cook had created a category called “explicit endorsement without quantification”—that is, papers in which the author, by Cook’s admission, did not say whether 1 percent or 50 percent or 100 percent of the warming was caused by man. He had also created a category called “implicit endorsement,” for papers that imply (but don’t say) that there is some man-made global warming and don’t quantify it. In other words, he created two categories that he labeled as endorsing a view that they most certainly didn’t.

The 97 percent claim is a deliberate misrepresentation designed to intimidate the public—and numerous scientists whose papers were classified by Cook protested…

….Think about how many times you hear that 97 percent or some similar figure thrown around. It’s based on crude manipulation propagated by people whose ideological agenda it serves. It is a license to intimidate.
Source: Forbes

But that wasn’t all that Lawrence was talking about. In the brief promo, she discussed the ‘Gender Wage Gap’.

In 2016, Lawrence was the highest-paid actress last year, but not so this year.

Why is that?


Just like the reason for the alleged ‘Gender Pay Gap’.

Jennifer Lawrence, who was the highest-paid actress last year with earnings of $46 million, did not make the cut this year. She only got paid for one mainstream film, Red Sparrow, in the past 12 months, and her other upcoming film, Darren Aronofsky’s Mother!, has a total budget of $13 million—less than what Lawrence was paid upfront for the last installment of the Hunger Games franchise.
Source: Forbes

Perhaps Jennifer should check out this video by the ‘Factual Feminist’ Christina Hoff Sommers:

Yeah, the truth is hard, sometimes.

Looks like Jennifer Lawrence needs this:

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