Jay Leno Blasts Late-Night Talkshows For Becoming ‘Depressing’ Anti-Trump Bashfests

Will Jimmy Kimmel be crying over this in his next opening monologue?

Can you think of one late night comedian that is putting the laughs above politics the way that Johnny Carson used to?

Me neither.

The last real late night talk show host that wasn’t a complete shill for the Democrats was Jay Leno.

Leno spoke to The Hollywood Reporter and lamented the ‘depressing’ anti-Trumpism by just about every host.

Late-night has always been pretty topical. The only trouble is now everyone has the same topic. (Laughs.) It’s all depressing Trump stuff,‘ said Leno.

He continued, ‘Seth Meyers is a great writer; Jimmy Kimmel does a good job; Jimmy Fallon does a great job. I like Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah [on Comedy Central] and Samantha Bee [on TBS]. The trouble is that there’s such negativity now. When I did the show, Bush was dumb and Clinton was horny and it was human problems. Now it’s all anti-women, anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim, anti-Mexican, anti-Salvadoran; it’s such a negative thing.

Don’t think that this makes Leno a Trump supporter. He clearly sees the President as the source of all the problems, and even said that the Women’s March was the beginning of a good thing.

Leno says that the late night hosts all just rewriting the same joke every night, but insists that they’re doing a good job with the hand that they’ve been dealt.

‘God bless all the late-night hosts, they make it funny, but ultimately, it’s depressing. You don’t really watch late-night TV to get away from reality anymore; now it’s more in your face. You laugh but then you go to bed going, “Oh man, the world is really pretty rough.” And it’s not, it’s one man that causes all these problems!

See, it’s Trump that’s the problem.

Not the groupthink of the leftist late night hosts.

When asked if he’d like to take a turn to bash President Trump on late-night tv again, Leno said, ‘I had my platform and I enjoyed it for 22 years. But at some point, it turned into a young person’s game. At my age, I can’t pretend to know all of Jay-Z’s music. When you’re 40, you talk to the 26-year-old supermodels and it’s sexy; when you’re 67, you’re the creepy old guy. At some point, you need to step back and say, “I did it.” I was lucky enough to live in a time when we did very well and the show was No. 1 and then say thank you and step back.’

Well, it’s something for Leno to come out and say that the anti-Trumpism is depressing and that late-night shows aren’t the escapism that they used to be.

Perhaps these guys will learn from the man that was late-night comedy for so long and cool it with the negativity.

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