Irma’s Wrath: What Irma’s Wicked Winds Did To Mom & Baby Is Hard To Fathom

Hurricanes are often called ‘devastating’. But few hurricane horror stories are as devastating and tragic as this one.

Again and again, we are called to take these storm warnings seriously.

Stories like this one put a personal face on the danger.

Irma made landfall in Berbuda.

We were told in general terms that the 185 mph winds hammered Berbuda. But photos of damaged buildings — even flattened neighborhoods — are impersonal and hard to wrap your head around.

It’s the personal stories that breathe life into it.

Hearing a house, hotel or mansion was smashed? That’s just an event.

When you read that a billionaire CEO whose face you’d recognize on tv had to hunker down in his wine cellar as his home got trashed, suddenly there is a more human connection.

At least that was a good news story. The building is gone, but everyone is ok.

A poor mother didn’t get off so easily.

There was ‘one fatality’, we were told. That’s a ‘statistic’.

That statistic of ‘one fatality’ takes on a whole other character when you realize it was the child the wind tore out of a relative’s arms.

One of the aid workers that went in after the storm met with survivors.

Here’s what he encountered when he arrived:

Speaking in a video posted on Facebook, Mr Fuller – who broke down in tears while relaying his experiences – said: ‘She came down to the dock, and she was wrapped up in bandages all over her face [which had] been busted in, and she says, ‘Yeah, you know, I was the lady who lost the child’.’
He explained that her roof had blown off her house during the savage storm.
Mr Fuller said it was particularly difficult for him to tell the story of a ‘child being pulled out their home’ because he has a five-year-old himself.
He added of the woman: ‘She had her arm around a post after the roof blew off and walls [were] caving in and she had her other arm around the child – and she says the wind just pulled the child out of her hands. —DailyMail

For those people who are inclined to politicize these events, and connect it to Climate Change or Judgment?

Or worse, to CHEER for the hurricane to destroy preferred targets…

THIS grieving woman is the human face of why that is completely unacceptable. Storms don’t care about left or right.

They smash whoever and whatever are in its way.

Share if this is a time to come together, not to point fingers.

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