ICYMI: Feminists Had ‘No Bra Day’ To Teach Men ‘Not To Sexualize Women’

This chick just doesn’t ‘get it’. Will there be yoga pants, too?

She thinks she can DICTATE how bros react to a deliberate display of breasts.

Anyone who’s read this site for more than thirty seconds will figure out we’re not pro-burqa.

In fact, we’re Proudly pro-bikini AND pro-bacon.

But this daft chick is picking a fight with biology. She WILL lose.

Whether you’re blaming God, Darwin, or something else, men are hardwired to be drawn to feminine curves. We LOVE them.

Not in the sense of the drooling pig that molested a mannequin shaped like a woman.

But, even if we behave ourselves, the eye IS drawn. Interest IS attracted. It’s nature. We’re hardwired for it.

And if women REALLY didn’t care about such interest, fashions would look a lot different.

A student at Helena High School in Montana, Kaitlyn Juvik, was tired of the ‘sexualization’ of the teen girls at her high school, so she decided to fight the patriarchy by organizing a ‘no bra day’.

Yep, that’ll teach those ‘sex-crazed’ boys.

“We’re always asked to do things to make guys more comfortable,” complained the feminist. “If my boobs make you uncomfortable, then why are you looking at me in that way?”

Juvik claims that she launched the counterproductive bra-less event after the school’s female vice-principle had the audacity to address the feminist’s “inappropriate attire” — an off the shoulder t-shirt with no bra — asking her to cover up or put a bra.

“[Y]ou need to either cover up or put [a bra] on because there are a lot of male teachers and male students here, and that makes them uncomfortable. They don’t want to see that,” the vice-principal allegedly told Juvik.

“I felt embarrassed. I felt almost violated,” the feminist dramatically declared. –Read more

Ask women in Sweden or Cologne if this qualifies as being ‘violated’.

No. You were not ‘violated’ by someone suggesting that you dress a little more modestly.

You might disagree about where the line should be drawn, but there IS a line that divides appropriate and inappropriate.

That line is different in different situations. The fact that Beachwear, club wear, and office attire are different categories shows that this isn’t even controversial.

If you wear clothes that bring attention to your breasts, you will GET attention. But rest assured, that attention WILL (by default) be sexual in nature.

You have a better chance of convincing water to run uphill than you do of changing that.

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