Hollywood’s Blame Game: With Revenue At A 22-Year Low, Tinseltown Takes It’s Cue From Hillary

They’re not saying it’s the Russians fault, but give it time.

Hollywood revenue is in freefall and the leftists that run the place are taking a page out of Hillary’s playbook — blame everyone but yourself.

The L.A. Times reports:

Although 2017 movie ticket sales in the U.S. and Canada are expected to dip just below last year’s record of $11.38 billion, the number of tickets sold is projected to drop 4% to 1.26 billion — the lowest level since 1995, according to preliminary estimates from studio executives.

The Hollywood Blame Game starts with the disappointing movies that underperformed:

The falloff in ticket sales can mostly be explained by a handful of movies that flopped, especially during the dreary summer season that posted the worst results in more than two decades.

Next up, Netflix:

Audiences are spending less time going to the movies and are consuming more entertainment on small screens and through streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon that are spending billions of dollars on original video content.

Higher ticket prices are a two-edged sword:

At the same time, while higher ticket prices have helped to offset attendance declines, they have made consumers pickier about what movies they’re willing to go see. And those increasingly discerning consumers turn to social media and Rotten Tomatoes to decide what’s worth their time and money.
Source: L.A. Times

What’s not mentioned — the rabid anti-Trump bias in Hollywood.

Not a word about George Clooney’s constant trashing of President Trump on immigration and cracking down on illegal immigrants, as well as ‘extreme vetting’ for people from high-terror nations.

There was no mention of the virtue signaling leftists in Hollywood that proudly display their anti-Trumpism to make sure they’re not blacklisted in intolerant La-la-land.

Ashley Judd’s increasingly rabid terror of ‘confrontations’ with Trump voters that leaves her shaking wasn’t discussed.

Nor was there a peep about the ever-present Trump-bashing at every single awards show, with Hollywood elites trying to outdo Meryl Streep’s ‘Resistance’ speech at the Golden Globes.

Do you think that perhaps half the country that voted for President Trump is tired of being vilified for their conservative, Judeo-Christian values?

Maybe they don’t want to pad the pockets of the people that hire Consuela to clean their mansions while telling the ‘flyover state’ residents that they need to be nicer to illegal aliens that flout our immigration laws?


None of that?

It’s all because of Netflix.

No, no it isn’t.

I’ve been more discerning of where my entertainment money goes, and it’s not often at the movie theaters.

Why should I hand over my hard-earned cash to support the nutters that play pretend all the time (like children) and try to ruin life in the real world?

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