These Hollywood A-Listers’ Have Mansions In Hurricane Irma’s Wicked Path – Here’s The List

Will shared tragedy with Irma bring natural A-list ‘enemies’ together the way Harvey brought Texas and Louisiana together?

There is something about going through the same trouble together that can make people forget about their petty differences, and see each other as just people.

Just commiserating over what they BOTH went through breathes humanity into the other party.

Does the same thing happen when luxury homes on the Carribean are lined up like bowling pins in front of Irma?

It’s not like these people feel the bite of tragedy in quite the same way.

It’s not like their entire lives are bound up on these private island getaways like so many thousands of work-a-day Islanders are caught in the hurricane are.

But it’s SOMETHING, right?

Donald Trump and Richard Branson?

Trump’s ‘mega mansion’ on St Martin

Bruce Willis and Oprah Winfrey?

Even Johnny Depp gets to play at being a pirate on the Caribbean.

Johnny Depp’s Island Home

Mick Jagger, David Copperfield, Eddie Murphy, and Keith Richards are also directly in the path.


Satellite Photo of Eddie Murphy’s Island

Branson is the only one who has announced he plans to ride it out on the island itself.

The winds and rain are the threat we are most likely to think of as the threats a hurricane brings with it. And homes can be built — up to a point — to withstand such winds.

(Even so, Hurricane Irma is setting new sustained windspeed records for an Atlantic hurricane… including reports of 185 mph.)

Irma destroyed four of the most solid government buildings on the French-administered portion of nearby St. Martin, an island of about 75,000 people, French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb said Wednesday in Paris.
It’s likely that all other older buildings there have at least been damaged, he said.
Virginia Barreras told CNN she was riding out the storm on the tiny island in a “sanctuary hotel” where tourists and locals were encouraged to check in before the eye wall hit.
“The palm trees are bent over and (I) can’t see anything but white,” she said early Wednesday, before Irma’s core passed. “The walls shake when the wind blows hard, and we can hear debris being thrown around. —CNN

But even that doesn’t keep the ocean out.

The sea level in Barbuda rose more than two metres when the hurricane struck this morning and made landfall for the first time, with the island reporting a storm surge of 8.53 feet.

The eye of Hurricane Irma passed over Barbuda, a small island located near Antigua in the northeastern Caribbean, at 1.47am local time (6.47am BST).

Winds gusted at 185mph (295kph) before recording equipment broke, and no further readings were received.

Note: ‘before recording equipment broke’.

But the report wasn’t finished. It continued…

According to a US weather report, the category five winds could prompt a storm surge of up to 20 feet as Irma continues to move northwards. — Express

And when your multi-million-dollar mansion sits on the beach, storm surge won’t care HOW important or powerful anyone thinks you are.

They call it ‘force of nature’ for a reason.

Who knows.

Maybe the petty political sniping back and forth will stop being the most important thing in some of their lives.

And if they lay aside their divisions. Maybe others could follow suit.

Hey, it could happen.

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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