Hillary Makes Vegas Massacre Political – Here’s Who She’s BLAMING

Because Hillary’s ALWAYS got to have a scapegoat, right?

This is the woman who came *this* close to being responsible for making some of the most important decisions in the nation.

We have been lectured about how super-smart she is. How Wise. And how lucky we would all have been to have her as our President.

For all the flak Trump gets for his tweets, Hillary usually gets that media ‘free pass’.

Let us all marvel at the superior mind we were told about!

First, she tweeted about the event:

Wow! Will wonders never cease?

We’ve all been waiting since 2012 for her to demonstrate any capacity whatsoever to care about a massacre of American Citizens. But let’s not get off-topic. This supposed to be about Las Vegas, after all.

She’s blaming the NRA? On a weapon that is illegal for almost every citizen to even own?

And in WHAT fevered brain would anyone POSSIBLY put a silencer on a fully-automatic weapon?

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well.

In fact, as a stunt, these guys even tried it! (See the background of the stunt in an earlier post.)

So, she’s talking nonsense, declaring as ‘fact’ things she knows LITERALLY nothing about.

She must be a Clinton or something.

And, of course, there’s a call to action (read: a call to vote for and fund Democrats to save you).

But what EXACTLY is she advocating?

The man had no known history of criminality or mental illness that would have come up in a background check.

And what’s more… he used a fully-automatic weapon. Which is ‘as illegal as heroin.’

What’s her next bright idea — start a prohibition on heroin?

It would have as much impact.

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