HILARIOUS: The High-Paying Restaurant Obama Loves Just Replaced Humans With Robots

Democrat policies, by their very nature, have unintended negative consequences. Here’s what they are doing for, or to, the restaurant industry.

Poor Obama.

Will he still be hitting these guys up for a milkshake so we can get more goofy pictures like this one?

Nah. Besides, with the cash he’s rolling in these days, he doesn’t need to pretend to like ‘the little people’ anymore.

The restaurant chain President Barack Obama once hailed for paying high entry-level wages is opening a store staffed by robots, rather than human cashiers.

In 2014, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden dropped into a Washington, D.C., Shake Shack in a photo-op designed to boost the administration’s calls for a $10.10 minimum wage—a 40 percent hike over the federal minimum of $7.25. The pair ate lunch with four workers, dining on burgers and fries. —FreeBeacon

Ok we’re guessing they won’t look like this…

Or this…

A forthcoming Shake Shack location in New York City—where the Obamas are looking to live in retirement—plans to open with a workforce of robots rather than human employees, according to the New York Post. A restaurant set to open in the East Village will be staffed with robot ordering kiosks, which do not accept cash. Diners will place orders on apps and receive alerts via text message with a few “hospitality champs” on site to address potential tech glitches in the new machinery.–FreeBeacon

What a coincidence!

That’s an awful lot like what Conservatives had predicted would happen with the Fight For Fifteen protest! More automation, fewer entry-level jobs.

Well done, Leftists. One question — with all this automation, where are the young teens going to find their first after-school jobs? Hmmm?

Of course, you never asked THAT question before you opened Pandora’s Employment box. If only you had listened to those who had.

Let’s hope the new plan works out. Because there’s not putting this genie back in the bottle.

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