Hilarious: Gun Store Bro Won’t Sell Guns To These 2 Groups Of People

More gun stores across America should be doing the same exact thing. Check it out…

The gun-grabbing leftists want to ban law abiding citizens from owning their guns, why can’t gun shops ban these idiots from buying their guns?

Back in the long-forgotten time the BTE — Before Trump Era — the former president whats-his-name was constantly taking potshots at legal gun owners. He was none too keen on gun ownership. President B.O. had a mighty following of similarly dense leftist gun-grabbers that wanted to do away with the Second Amendment.

In one loony incident in Mississippi, a local city councilman named Kenneth Stokes (a fan of Barry) went all-in saying that residents should throw rocks at police officers if they are chasing criminal suspects.

After a local city councilman told residents they should go outside and throw rocks at police who chase fleeing suspects through his town, Mississippi gun store owner, Tim Wolverton, had enough.

So he posted signs at his gun store saying exactly how he felt.

One read: “Sorry, We don’t sell guns to TERRORISTS or DEMOCRATS! It’s TOO HARD to tell the difference!”, and the second one had an images of Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes with Barack Obama and read “If you vote for Kenneth Stokes or Barack Obama, you’re too stupid to own a gun. Please find another dealer.”

In addition to the inane comment about hurling rocks at police, Stokes also referred to gun dealers as “terrorists, thugs and hoodlums.”

Here are the signs that Wolverton put up:

Watch Stokes and Wolverton on a local news station:

“It kind of started out as a joke, but so is Kenneth Stokes,” Wolverton said. “But I’m serious about it. We’re pro-law enforcement, pro-military … and it’s a shame for a city councilman to not appreciate the law enforcement.”

Stokes reacted by – I think – calling Wolverton a bastard, but it’s hard to understand the councilman in the video. He did say that gun dealers were “terrorists, thugs and hoodlums” and said whoever displays the signs needs to be “held in contempt of court and put in the federal penitentiary.”
Source: The Federalist Papers

Stokes comments of anyone displaying the signs (ie. Wolverton) being in ‘contempt of court’ and ‘put into a federal penitentiary’ only shows how ignorant Kenneth Stokes is.   What law did he break?  Which court did he hold in contempt?  It’s actually making the point that Wolverton is attempting to make with his signs.

Way to go, Kenneth Stokes.

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