Hilarious & Brutal! Parody Song SLAMS Whining Libs – Conservatives Will LOVE It!

This song beats the “I’m With Her” crowd like a rented mule. For bonus points, it opens with the election night meltdown, so we get to enjoy that all over again.

The singer is a dead ringer for Roy Orbison, and he does the song justice.

Which only amps up the overall parody power of ‘Whining’.


Some of the lines included:

“Whining. Rioting. Setting fires. Crying.”

“We didn’t see you last night, you had us Millennial’s in fright / so you sent Podesta to tell us ‘go home’.”

When the FBI proved your crimes were true…

And it closes with spoken word:

“And I didn’t get what I wanted… Which was Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman, And you’re a sexist… and bigoted racist, homophobic Xenophobe… and no country builds walls and fences around it border… That’s just stupid!”

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