Hijacked: How Election Maps Would Have Looked Without CNN & Media Meddling

For all their talk about election tampering, the Media might be the worst offenders of them all.

Bill Whittle just laid out a case for how CNN and their media accomplices have not just been ‘fake news’ but have actually been disenfranchising American voters.

Using arguments from the media’s own statements, he shows how CNN isn’t just being careless, it is being soulless. It isn’t just putting their own agenda before the truth, it is running a nationwide con game that — together with the rest of the media (D) — have been shifting the vote. ‘Bigly’.

He even lays out the argument, if someone wanted to sue CNN for libel, how they could actually do it.

1) Intent
2) Malice
3) Harm

The left once bragged about how many points their biased reporting would be worth. Bill Whittle took that number and adjusted the electoral maps accordingly, not just for 2016, but for the previous two elections.

The numbers were shocking.

(Cue up to the four-minute mark if you want to start there. But honestly, the whole thing is well worth watching.)

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