HIGHWAY TO HELL: Cop Killer’s Final Words Sure Won’t Help Him Get Into Heaven

There was a time when people on death row would use that time to try to ‘get right’ with their Maker. This convict had a very DIFFERENT plan.

He was the convicted cop-killer that sued the state over lethal injection.

Does the way he went out really come as a surprise to anyone?

Torrey Twane McNabb, in 1997, shot officer Anderson Gordon FIVE times as he sat in his patrol car.

Gordon was answering the call of a traffic accident that McNabb caused while fleeing a bail bondsman.

So, yeah, we’re talking about a real ‘winner’ here.

He finally stopped being a burden to the state, and went to his eternal reward on Thursday.

Here is the account of his final moments.

With both middle fingers upraised, he said…

Mom, sis, look at my eyes. I have no tears. In my eyes, I’m not afraid.”
…Then, in a final act of defiance, he cursed at the state of Alabama.
“I hate you motherf—ers. I hate you. I hate you,” he said,
–Source Washington Post

The display of defiance did not improve his outcome in any way. He is still just as dead.

He took the wrong fork in the road a LONG way back.

But it didn’t have to be that way. He had a chance. He had choices.

Just like we all do.

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