Hey ‘Open Borders’ Peeps: 8 Dead In Back Of A Truck At A Walmart … Do You Care?

That ‘nobody is illegal’ policy has blood on its hands. Here are 8 more examples. (Including two children.)

It’s a simple rule of human nature: Behavior that is rewarded will continue.

And if there is one thing that we have seen from people on the left, it has been that they want to REWARD illegal immigration.

There are eight dead already… and many others are in the hospital in serious condition.

Eight people, including two children, have been found dead after they were locked inside a boiling truck without air conditioning or water in what police believe could be a human trafficking incident.
A total of 38 were found in the truck, which didn’t have a working air conditioning system despite blistering temperatures topping 100 degrees in San Antonio.
Two of those found inside were children. All have been rushed to nearby hospitals, with 20 in an ‘extremely critical or very serious condition’.
The driver of the truck has been arrested, however police have not released his identity. –Daily Mail

People are dying.

We need serious deterrents for people who are involved in human trafficking.

Something more motivating than whatever they’re being offered to bring people across.

There are strong deterrents that don’t even have to include jail time.

Meaningfully heavy fines…

Impound the vehicle used (and the load) for a period of time…

Revoke a driver’s license…

That sort of thing.

On the other side, we need to lay this at the feet of people who proudly advocate ‘Sanctuary Cities’. They need to ‘own’ this.

Some ‘sanctuary’ these border-jumpers had. Dead in a truck before their 18th birthday.

We welcome you all to come in legally, to be processed.

Some will make it, others will be denied. Just like everyone else around the world that are itching to come to America.

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