Terror At A Pro Football Game… Does NFL STILL Want Cops To Stand Down?

Does this change the NFL Protest narrative even a little?

One suspect is in custody, and it’s being treated as an act of terror.

At 8:15, an officer was struck outside of the stadium where the football game was taking place (he was directing traffic from behind a barricade with the lights flashing).

Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, 30 was arrested as the attacker. He was a Somali refugee.

Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, a 30-year-old Somali refugee, crossed legally into Canada in 2012 at a border crossing and obtained refugee status, according to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale. There was no information on Sharif at the time that would have raised any red flags to authorities.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said a man named Abdullahi Hassan Sharif in the agency’s records was ordered to leave the U.S.
The names are spelled slightly differently, but a Canadian and U.S. government official — both of whom requested anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss details of the case — said it is the same man, according to Associated Press. —TheStar

This, of course, means that the jihadi that attacked outside a pro football game in Canada — was DEPORTED from the US in 2011. It might be noted that his nation of origin just happens to correspond with the list of countries for which Trump has been calling ‘extreme vetting’.

*end update*

The suspect was investigated in 2015 after police received a complaint he was “espousing extremist ideology,” said RCMP Deputy Criminal Operations Officer Marlin Degrand, but there was insufficient evidence to pursue terrorism charges. He was not deemed to be a threat at the time, Degrand said. –CNN

A man driving a Malibu hit the barricade at a high rate of speed before hitting the officer, sending him ’15 feet into the air’ before jumping out.

“A male believed to be 30 years old then jumped out of his vehicle and viciously attacked the Edmonton Police Service member with a knife,” Knecht said. “A struggle then ensued, during which the male suspect stabbed the officer several times before fleeing the scene on foot, northbound down 92nd Street. — CBC

In the Malibou, this flag was found.

For four hours, it was unclear where he had gone, although they did know the name of the man they were looking for. One cop spotted a Uhaul and asked to see a driver’s license… which matched the guy they were looking for.

The U-Haul immediately sped off toward downtown Edmonton, where streets were filled with Saturday night bar crowds and football fans.

As bystanders watched, the van barrelled down Jasper Avenue with up to 20 police vehicles following.

“The police cars just kept coming. They just kept coming,” said Jaylene Ellard, who was out with a friend on the crisp fall evening.

One witness said police cars began to block streets that connect to Jasper Avenue. The U-Haul eventually doubled back and drove the opposite way down Jasper Avenue. Near 107th Street the van struck at least two pedestrians.

“Throughout the chase, the U-Haul truck deliberately attempted to hit pedestrians in crosswalks and alleys in two areas along Jasper Avenue,” Knecht said.

Eventually, the van flipped and landed on its side.

Pat Hannigan was about a quarter-block away when he heard a loud bang.

“I saw the van on its side, it flipped over, U-Haul van,” he said. “And they had a guy handcuffed on the ground and obviously they smashed out the window. They had a pipe or something in their hand.”

We cannot help but notice that it was a police officer trying to keep the peace during a professional football game that was the evening’s first casualty.

He was hospitalized, but fortunately, his injuries are not critical.

Maybe the NFL should rethink the divisive protest that began with one man’s contempt for the police (Mr Pig-Socks, who dropped a bundle of cash in support of a ‘charity’ named after a cop-killer on the FBI’s Most-Wanted list)

Maybe they should ask themselves if THIS is the rhetoric they want to stand behind:

When in REAL life, they are THE presence that stands between us and the REAL enemy… like the one that terrorized the citizens of Edmonton. And also France. And that was just yesterday.

It makes us respect this High School football team so much for the goodwill gesture of unity and ‘solidarity’ THEY were able to put forward.

Really,.they made the ‘pros’ in the ‘big leagues’ look like chumps by comparison.

Share if we need to stop treating cops like they’re ‘the enemy’.

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