Hey CNN: Do You Know Which World Leaders Trump’s Popularity Numbers Are Crushing?

The Media (D) loves to hammer Trump on numbers at every turn. But now that he’s leading several key leaders, will they announce that too?

Of course they won’t.

So we will.

With Hillary and Obama out of the picture, the press has to find foreign leaders to carry their Socialist dream forward, and play the good guy in their narratives about immigration, the environment, and various social issues.

Merkel and Macron (Germany and France) were among their great hopes and even Theresa May (UK) sometimes played a helpful foil against Trump for issues they didn’t agree on.

The storyline ran something along these lines:

While Trump is busying himself with tearing down all the progress Obama made in America, the rest of the civilized world is going the other direction.

Basically, the goal was to make European Socialism seem like the cultural norm, and shame or cower those who disagreed with it into silence.

On our side, they’ve overplayed that hand. We don’t care about opposing the fake news anymore, now that they’ve been shown to be political hacks with press cards.

On Europe’s side?

Those same leaders that were the Media (D)’s ‘hope’ of the great Trump-less future aren’t doing so well.

Let’s have a look at the numbers.

First, this is how they like to spin Trump’s numbers:

Recent polls which showed the U.S. leader’s approval ratings hovering in the low to mid-40s were reported by a gloating media underneath headlines such as ‘Trump Only Sees Polls That Make Him Feel Good, and There Aren’t Many’, and ‘Americans Think Trump Is Really Bad at Being President’.
Source: Breibart UK

According to Zogby polls, here are the popularity ratings for the other three leaders. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll be combining all the somewhat’s and very’s into Positive, Negative and don’t know/unsure.

Angela Merkel:
Positive — 39.8
Negative — 49.4
Don’t Know/Unsure — 10.8

Emmanuel Macron:
Positive — 28.3%
Negative — 51.8%
Don’t know/Unsure — 19.9%

Theresa May:
Positive — 27.5
Negative — 60.6
Don’t Know/Unsure — 11.8

Will the left stop hammering Trump’s numbers? Will the start show something like intellectual honesty and start slamming these three ‘leaders’, too?

Don’t expect them to ‘stop the hammering‘ any time soon.

To do otherwise, would be to admit a failure in their beloved leftist policy. They’ve never done that yet. Why should they start now?

They are all-in on this anti-Trump train, and they’ll ride it right off a cliff if they need to.

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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