Hey CNN: Hillary Staffer’s Visit To CPAC Blew Her D-mn Mind

Stereotypes were getting chucked out the window left and right.

If you were to ask an ordinary BernieBro to describe what a Conservative or Republican looks like, and you’ll get a description that falls somewhere between sad and hilarious.

What would they come back with? Something that echoes lies the Media(D) have been telling for generations. It’ll be a caricature of closed-minded angry old white guys. White hoods — real or figurative. Bitter Clinger types, and Deplorables.

Can you imagine their horror if you were to ask them to imagine what CPAC is like? You might need smelling salts.

But we’ve got one intrepid Hillary staffer who visited ‘the enemy’ on their home turf. She was not prepared for what she found there.


She found true diversity of opinion. An openness to competing ideas.


Can you imagine?

She was invited to after-parties and drinks to discuss issues, and she was — shockingly — LISTENED to.

We know for certain that a Trump or Cruz staffer would have been welcomed into civil discourse about big ideas over drinks at a DNC event, right?

Oh wait…

We also remember the Berkley riots and other Antifa ‘pleasantries’.

Maybe it wouldn’t be such a great idea after all.

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