Hey America: What Valerie Jarrett Said About Barry O Will Make You Laugh Till It Hurts

Oh, yes, Valeri. The Obama White House was practically DRIPPING with that virtue in particular.

Pay no attention to all the scandals that Obama had no knowledge of until they were reported in the news.

Like the Fast and Furious fiasco. Or that scandal with the IRS.

Do you think you’ve forgotten how you let Susan Rice blame Benghazi on some third-tier movie producer when evidence shows you already knew what really drove it? Then Obama himself went out and repeated that same Lie to the UN in his ‘slander the prophet of Islam’ speech.

Whatever it takes to secure that re-election, though.

How many times did he say we could keep our doctors if we liked our doctors?

The president that I had the pleasure of serving, President Obama, there was just nothing more important to him than his credibility, his honesty, his directness and his transparency with you in the press and of course the American people and his own team. He spent a lot of time and energy and focus on you and not on himself and thinking about what could we do to make our country strong, vibrant, grow our economy, make sure everybody gets a fair shot. As a result of doing that in his first term, he was re-elected for a second term. So that’s the basis of comparison I have.

Whoa. Hold up there, ‘Tex’. You’re not standing on quite the solid ground you THINK you are.

Where to begin, his narcissism or his character?

Let’s just make two brief comments on his character before we dive into that whole integrity question.

His use of the word “I” in his speeches was so pronounced, that pundits started making a point of counting how often he spoke self-referentially. It got so bad as it even became spoken of as a drinking game!

More telling than that is his grand dream for what America might become:

If I could do that effectively, then — you know — I would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obamas or Michelle Obamas

Why would anyone want to do something so boring as merely replicating someone who had already lived his life. Why not becoming something and someone new and unique? Maybe because that wouln’t fit the paradigm.

As for what she’s saying about Obama’s integrity? What should we expect to hear from someone who literally LIVES with the Obama family. (Does she even realize that’s weird?)

Here’s a handy quick list of 9 lies Obama’s Jay Carney told us.
1. Carney said Rhodes email instructing Rice to emphaize youtube vid was NOT about Benghazi.
2. American Legion ‘praised’ the ‘resignation’ of Petzel. They had done no such thing… he was retiring anyway.
3. Benghazi talking points were given ‘by the intelligence community’. They were not.
4. Buffett rule. President ‘never said’ that it would solve deficit problems. (He had.)
5. Comey denied that Dem Operative Hillary Rosen, who visited WH 35 times was the same person who publicly criticized Romney’s wife.
6. Signing statements – for or against?
7. Under Obamacare, your Health Care is ‘grandfathered in forever no matter how crummy the plan is”
8. IRS was ‘just a few rogue employees in Cincinnati’.
9. Obamacare ‘7 Million enrollment goal’ was never a ‘White House Figure’ — another lie.

What was that you were saying, Valerie?

We didn’t even get to the good stuff with Rhodes playing the media for fools with that ‘echo chamber’ nonsense about Iran. Even Goebbels never had it so easy.

But we’re supposed to believe all these grand gestures about how Trump — who is getting results both foreign and domestic — is part of a grandiose lie.

And while we listen to everyone carp about Trump’s so-called lies, while the media whispers frenetically about ‘Russian collusion’, let’s close on this note, shall we?

Normally we don’t point out the irony that the backdrop behind them reads ‘nuclear security summit”. But seeing everything that happened with Uranium One, well…

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