Here’s The Full Transcript Of Tipster’s Warning To FBI Before Cruz Shot Up School – Wow!

If you see something, say something. Great … and THEN What? Shouldn’t something happen AFTER that?

You know. If it’s not too much trouble.

On CNN’s staged little Townhall, where carefully selected offended students were brought out to give Republicans and the NRA the ritual beating they so ‘obviously deserved’, agenda-driven adults gladly harnessed for political gain the pain and outrage of minors who have suffered perhaps the worst kind of mass tragedy — one that was deliberate, methodical, malicious, and at the hands of one of their own peers.

Doug Giles jackhammers them over that, here:

Someone who knew Nikolas phoned authorities when she ‘saw something’.

She saw a few things, actually.

Danger to self and others?


Even a history of violence — pulled a rifle on his own mother… (and still he passed the background check?)

She even comments about his mental state.

She even says why she is reporting it:

I just want a clear conscience if he takes off and starts shooting places up.

Those words are going to echo in somebody’s ears for a long, long time. The Civilian, whoever she was, did the right thing,

Want to kill people. That’s a strong opening.

Going to explode.
‘What he’s capable of…’
‘getting into a school and just shooting the place up’

Cutting up frogs.

ISIS made a second appearance in the conversation:

Dresses like a ‘ninja’ or an ‘isis’ guy. Poses in photo with a gun, and a scarf over his face, fascinated by ARABIC words… nope.

No red flags there at all.

Cutting up a bird that had been stunned hitting a window:

What he’s capable of doing…
‘getting into a school and just shooting the place up’

‘get it off my chest in case something does happen’

[See the transcript in its entirety here.]

She called reporting red flags.

Like wanting to kill himself.

Like wanting to kill others.

History of violence, including the wrongful use of a weapon.

He emptied his late mother’s bank account and used it to buy guns.

A bird slammed into the window and got stunned. He brought it into the house and cut it up.

He had a ‘thing’ for ISIS. Including playing dress-up ‘like a ninja or ISIS’, and peppering his social media with Arabic words.

Says he want to kill people.

Someone who knows him was terrified he was going to do…


do exactly what he did in that school.

She ‘said something’.

And STILL nothing changed.

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