Here’s 5 Reasons Why Libs Hate Trump’s New Merit Based Immigration Law

The fact that it’s now MERIT-Based will be a big one. But there are others, too…

To hear liberals talk, you might think that illegal immigration is the only kind there is.

That has been, of course, the problem all along.

There will be a change from the Million people LEGALLY immigrating to America every year.

That number will be cut. In HALF.

And we’re just getting started.

If you want to come to America, you need to have skills we actually WANT.

(That will keep the job market from being flooded. Especially those entry-level positions teens and young adults need.)

Extended family members aren’t going to get a free pass, either.

If your ‘friends-and-relations’ want to come here, they will have to come here on their own merits. Have something to offer. Not speaking the language will hurt your chances.

That Green-Card lottery?

It’s gone.

Immediate family and sick parents will receive special preference. But of course, we’re expecting them to financially support their own family.

(Trump also made sure to mention that the Dow just broke 22k for the first time… for perspective, it was at 18.3K the day he was elected. You know the networks will ‘forget’ to mention it in their ‘reporting’.)

He promised to Put America First.

He meant putting people back to work.

Looks like he’s headed in the right direction.

What do YOU think about these changes?


-They are moving to a points-based system, where higher scores will give you a better shot of successfully immigrating.

-If the immigrant is being offered a high-paying job (two or three times median income) they have a better shot at immigrating. This will make it harder for low-skilled, low-pay workers to flood the market.

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