Here’s 5 Massive Inconsistencies About Vegas Massacre – Do You Have Any To Add To This List?

At this point, the slaughter in Las Vegas has given us more questions than answers.

1. Why did Paddock — of all people — become a mass murderer?

His profile looks a lot different than so many of the other malcontents who have gone on killing sprees in the past.

No criminal record, for one thing. The fact that he was a millionaire, for another. And from very early on, they announced that he had no known religious or political connections.

He was, to most people, ‘just some guy’.

2. He was still gambling on the night of the attack, using his girlfriends’ points card.

Not exactly conclusive proof of anything, but if he was going out ‘guns blazing’ why would he even care about reward points.

3. Surveillance footage of Paddock inside the hotel has yet to be released.

How did he manage to get all those weapons in there, — more than 10 suitcases — without anyone asking what was up? Not room service, not housekeeping, none of it.

4. Why the delay on any hotel footage?

Usually, by now, someone has leaked footage like that.

5. Can anyone tell us about the woman was taken away by security 45 minutes before the shooting started?

Concert-goers were told “You’re all going to f***ing die” less than an hour before the Las Vegas shooting started, it has been claimed.

A woman in the crowd is said to have yelled the warning about 45 minutes before the Route 91 Harvest festival became the venue for the worst mass shooting in US history.

After her outburst, it was claimed, the woman and her male companion were made to leave the venue by security.

Less than an hour later, an attack began that left at least 50 people dead. — Independent

Woman and her male companion. Was that Paddock? And who was the woman?

Of course, speaking of women, we’re still waiting to hear the answer to this…

And the Sheriff just raised another question about whether there was something to the claims ISIS had made.

Others had logistical questions that made him wonder whether he had an accomplice. Whether prompted by flashes that may have been seen from different windows, or the overlapping sound of gunfire, or the number of rounds fired in the amount of time mentioned.

And now, there’s another reason to ask about accomplices: the second guest mentioned on his Room Service receipt.

It’s good to have people that will step up and ask hard questions.

People like this grandpa.

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