Harvard Pulls Brakes On Plans To Honor Notorious Traitor When THIS Guy Turns On Them

Harvard gets called out for being stupid.
Actually changes their mind!

Plot twist! Ivy League University gets caught listening to reason!

It could be that they were shamed into it.

It might also be that alumni said they would stop sending cheques.

Either way, they were shamed into making the right decision.

What decision were they going to make?

They were going to call Bradley/Chelsey Manning a ‘Fellow’. (But if you or I called Manning a fellow, we’d be called ‘phobic’.)

They have since dis-fellowed him.

Or her. Or whatever.

It’s so confusing.

Manning — to add confusion to the issue — tweeted this:

As though Harvard were somehow not progressive enough to ‘handle’ someone who is publicly transgender.

Frankly, we’re betting that being transgender was the only reason Manning was ever considered in the first place… and what’s more… is ALSO probably the only reason Manning isn’t still serving time in prison for treason.

The ISSUE, if Manning needs it explained, is the TREASON.

Don’t ask what’s up with the XY (male) reference in the twitter handle, either. We have no idea.

There were the obvious digs…

But the real heat came from WITHIN Harvard itself.

Harvard Fellow and former CIA Director Michael Morell blasted them with this letter:

They realized that maybe bringing on someone who only real claim to fame — other than gender dysphoria — was an act of treason while serving in the armed forces.

Manning’s leaks likely cost the lives of American military personnel, including army officers, intelligence agents, foreign contacts, translators. “He disclosed details of American military operations, the identities of American military allies, and placed sensitive American diplomatic relationships at risk,” writes National Review’s David French. “We may never know exactly how much damage he did.” — DailyWire


And that’s why Manning isn’t a Fellow. At Harvard.

You know what we mean.

Well, that and any threats their alumni may have given to cut off their funding.

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