Guess Who Didn’t Use E-Verify: Cali Hires First Illegal For State Post

Maybe ‘cushy, pensioned Government position’ is now counted among jobs that ‘Americans won’t do’.

We need them more than they need us. Isn’t that what they keep telling us? If they were to strike, our economy would be totally screwed, right?

Then how come California just hired an illegal alien…

Sorry, they don’t like that term. How insensitive of me.

… they hired a CRIMINAL Alien to work in a government position.

The Senate Rules Committee on Wednesday appointed the first undocumented resident to a statewide post, according to Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León’s office.

Lizbeth Mateo, a 33-year-old attorney and immigrant rights activist, will serve on the California Student Opportunity and Access Program Project Grant Advisory Committee. The committee advises the California Student Aid Commission on efforts to increase college access for California students from low-income or underserved communities.

“While Donald Trump fixates on walls, California will continue to concentrate on opportunities,” de León said in a news release. “Ms. Mateo is a courageous, determined and intelligent young woman who at great personal risk has dedicated herself to fight for those seeking their rightful place in this country.”

In a statement, Mateo said she welcomed the opportunity. “While undocumented students have become more visible in our state, they remain underrepresented in places where decisions that affect them are being made,” she said.
Source: Sacramento Bee

Oh. Is that the problem?

‘Undocumented’ students are underrepresented in places where decisions that affect them are being made.

Fortunately, one party has stepped in to protect those ‘rights’ which are found exactly nowhere in the constitution.

So THIS has nothing to do with the stand you’re taking?

CAP Action’s memo says protecting DACA is not only a “moral imperative” for Democrats, it also key to getting votes.

“The fight to protect Dreamers is not only a moral imperative, it is also a critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success,” reads Palmieri’s memo, obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“If Democrats don’t try to do everything in their power to defend Dreamers, that will jeopardize Democrats’ electoral chances in 2018 and beyond,” reads the memo. “In short, the next few weeks will tell us a lot about the Democratic Party and its long-term electoral prospects.”
Source: DailyCaller

What about those of us who have a problem with about same ‘Underrepresented’ people making decisions that have been specifically outlawed by the places to which they came illegally?

Does anyone care what they think?

Of course not. You’re too busy trying to stack the deck so that you can extend your one-party control of California for perpetuity.

Admit it.

This isn’t about rights, at all, is it? It’s about POWER.

And the overpaid political fatcats who get to wield it.

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