SO GROSS: Here’s Why You Should NEVER Eat Something After A FLY Lands On It

Have you laughed at someone who freaks out when there’s a fly near his food? He might be getting the last laugh.

Flies are nasty. But is it a big deal when they land on your food?

As it turns out…


At least, that’s what the research is telling us.

In medical terms, it’s called a ‘transmission vector’ — a way of spreading an infection between point A and point B.

So the next time you swat that fly away from your food and keep eating it, you might want to remember this before you take that next bite.

As Marissa Laliberte for Readers’ Digest put it: “They eat rotting food, then land on your plate. You do the math.” She’s right.

But in fact you should never eat from a dish after a fly has landed on it, as the insects carry far more diseases than previously thought, according to a study.
Researchers found that flies’ legs and wings are teeming with hundreds of different species of bacteria, often picked up after they have landed on carcasses or faeces.

These are easily transferred to surfaces when flies land, with their legs spreading the most microbial organisms.
Those who eat food after flies – dubbed ‘airborne bacteria shuttles’ by researchers – have landed on it therefore put themselves at risk of picking up nasty diseases.
Scientists had long suspected flies played a role in carrying and spreading diseases because they are all around us.
Source: DailyMail

Has this study changed your mind at all?

Will you laugh at the next guy who freaks out when a fly lands on his plate?

Or will you watch him throw out his food, knowing you would do the same?

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