God Bless Tx: Call Went Out For ‘Volunteer Dads’ … The Response Was Huge!

Forward this epic story to some of those ‘toxic masculinity’ trolls.

The Breakfast With Dads event needed some volunteer dads. Because not all dads could attend, for any of a variety of reasons.

An organizer was concerned that not all kids would have a dad sitting with them, so he put the word out.

A Texas middle school “breakfast with dads” event in December drew 600 volunteers from the community who answered an online call for mentors to attend for the students who would not have a father to attend.

A Facebook message asked for 50 volunteers to attend the event, and about 600 showed up a week later to support the boys at the disadvantaged Dade County school, NBC 5 reported.

The event organizer, the Rev. Donald Parish Jr., had worried there wouldn’t be enough volunteers and that some of the boys would not have anyone to attend the Dec. 14 event with them.

“When a young person sees someone other than their teacher take interest in them, it inspires them. That’s what we want to see happen” Parish said, The Dallas Morning News reported. “These kids need all the support they can to be successful.”

A couple of observations.

One — Dads Stepped up.

For all the ‘patriarchy’ we hear about, for all the Mansplaining, Manspreading, Rape Culture, and Toxic Masculinity we hear about… it was MEN who were called upon to do something selfless and gracious…


Hey, Feminists…

Two — it was a preacher who cared enough to make this happen.

See those three little letters, ‘Rev’?

It means Reverend. As in Preacher. As in Christian.

It wasn’t a Community Organizer, or a University Professor, or a politician, or a Guru, or a Pilates Instructor, or a Mullah that organized this. It was a preacher. A Christian.

Maybe the press could take a short break from their endless potshots at men and Christians in society to recognize that maybe their jaded view of us says more about personal prejudices than the world we really live in.

There is one more reason this story matters.

Having a strong male role model is important in helping youths — especially guys — navigate the complexities of adolescence.

Give kids a strong role model, and they’ll go far!

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