Girl Gets Attacked With Boiling Water – The Attacker And The ‘Reason’ Will Floor You

This is disgusting. This preteen didn’t even know it was coming.

There have been ‘challenges’ that are being spread through social media, like the ‘ice bucket challenge’ to raise money for ALS, but some are more insidious — even dangerous — like the ‘Cinnamon Challenge‘ which has sent some to the hospital, the ‘Blue Whale Challenge‘ that has susceptible people commit self-harm for 50 days and culminates in suicide, and many more.

ClashDaily reported on the 8-year old girl that died as a result of complications from drinking boiling water through a straw as a dare.

This is another version of that same dangerous, ‘Hot Water Challenge’ that has been spread on YouTube.

An unsuspecting 11-year old girl was asleep at her best friend’s house when she had boiling water poured on her.

By her 12-year old best friend.

Jamoneisha Merritt is in hospital in Harlem, New York, with second degree burns and her 12-year-old attacker has been arrested.

Jamoneisha’s face, shoulders and back are severely burned and have skin missing.

The girl’s family say the pair were best friends and that the 12-year-old was carrying out the ‘hot water challenge’, a worrying social media prank which involves tossing scalding water on an unsuspecting victim.


According to her mother Ebony, the attacker waited until she went to sleep then boiled water and filled a cup with it.

She poured it on Jamoneisha’s head, neck, face and chest.

She sat up suddenly, screaming and crying, and was taken to hospital.

‘Her friends wanted to play the hot water challenge and that’s what happened,’ Ebony said on social media, sharing a photograph of her little girl screaming in agony as doctors tried to treat her burns.
Daily Mail

Her mother posted photos on Facebook to warn other families of the consequences:


This is what Jamoneisha looked like before the attack:

Jamoneisha is currently in the Intensive Care unit at Harlem Hospital Center.

She has been bullied in the past, and is confused why anyone would do this to her.

This young girl is questioning her friendships in the light of this tragedy.

So very sad.

The 12-year old ‘friend’ has been arrested and charged with felony assault.


Kids should learn that these ‘challenges’ are stupid and sometimes have life-altering — or life-ending — consequences.

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