FOX Bro Tells CNN He Believes In ‘BOOBS’ – Host Immediately Becomes A WOUNDED Snowflake!

When you have to EXPLAIN the joke, it’s no longer funny.

When you have to explain it TWICE… your audience may not be that bright.

In this case, the ‘audience’ was the CNN panel itself.

What topic were they discussing?

The Jemile Hill anti-Trump twitter debacle.

It was about MORE than that tweet, but that was one of the more incendiary ones.

ESPN offered an apology.

But while they have fired some other staffers in similar circumstances, Jemile Hill got a slap on the wrist.

A number of her race-baiting tweets remained in her feed, even after the Trump ones got scrubbed. It looked like a Kathy-Griffin style pretend apology.

So, CNN has a panel discussing Jemile’s tweet.

And one minute later, the grown man opposite actually sat there gobsmacked, saying he was astonished at almost everything he had just heard.

What was so astonishing? Clay Travis used ‘colorful language’ to say he backed the right of Jemile to tweet whatever the hell she wants, but ESPN was in a difficult spot because they were not being consistent in treating her differently than they had treated other people they had canned for similar reasons.

What did he say? He said he believed in the First Amendment.

And boobs.

That’s when everyone lost their minds!

Brooke couldn’t even bring herself to repeat the word. He had to spell it.

Clay: I like boobs and the first amendment. It speaks for itself!

The other panelist nearly tripped over himself trying to distance himself from anything Clay had said, in a way that would make even the Church-lady say ‘lighten up’.

It’s hilarious.

Twitter had fun with it.

Of course.

Oh no!

Because, standards, right?

Don’t forget about the other host that called Trump a piece of s–t!

They’re a very professional bunch. Held to the highest of standards.

It’s why they were so verklempt.

But Clay got the last laugh:

From his own site:

UPDATE: CNN is so offended by my comments that they already asked me to come back on Monday. And, for the record, I will be on Fox News tomorrow night.

So I just went on CNN to discuss the collapse of MSESPN and said I didn’t believe Jemele Hill or Curt Schilling should be fired because I believe completely in only two things that have never let me down — the first amendment and boobs.

And when I said that CNN got totally and completely triggered. Seriously, this thing plays out like an SNL skit. The other guy sputters and goes straight into offended pearl clutching mode.

Oh, and by the way, we now have to make “I love the first amendment and boobs” tshirts and donate all the proceeds to breast cancer awareness.

That sound you just heard was left wing fauxragers losing their minds and screaming as they pull their hair out over me helping to save boobs and end breast cancer and probably win a Nobel Prize too.

It was sad that he had to explain himself.

In the middle of talking about the FIRST AMENDMENT. They were blind to the irony.

They were too busy being offended. Somebody get them a remedy.

Something for the immediate relief:

And something to keep them from embarrassing themselves this way again:

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