Former Breitbart Spokesman Becomes A DEMOCRAT Over Trump’s Support Of …

Is this really the hill he’s ‘willing to die on’?

Even if everything the left has accused Moore of were true, is jumping over to the Democrats really a ‘moral upgrade’?

A former spokesman for GOP lawmakers and Breitbart News is leaving the Republican Party for the Democratic Party over GOP leaders’ support of Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Kurt Bardella, a former spokesman for Breitbart, wrote in an op-ed for USA Today that he can no longer support the Republican party after President Trump and other leaders backed Moore, who is facing allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct involving teenagers.

Even supposing you didn’t find any of the doubts raised against Moore’s claims very convincing…

Doubts like these ones from Breitbart itself:
BOOM! Roy Moore Accuser ADMITS She Forged Yearbook – Here’s The 411

Or Ann Coulter:
DEAR CNN: Here’s 6 Things That SHRED Your Roy Moore Blather – Good Luck

“This is not a party I want to be associated with any longer. This is not a party that is trustworthy enough to protect innocent children from sexual predators.”

…Does it make sense to wear the team Colors of the Democrats?

He’s not merely cutting ties with the party he claims no longer fits his views, he’s picking a new team.

Instead, he’s moving up to the party that defended as ‘an Icon’ their longest-serving member of Congress, until they got dragged kicking and screaming to the point where he was indefensible.

You’re ‘upgrading’ to the party of Weinstein, Kurt???

WTF, bruh?

And the ‘Protection of Children’ you speak so highly of does not include the ones whose lives Moore’s rival would gladly snuff out in the womb.

Maybe Kurt could explain — if they are the ‘party of morality’ — why so many on the Left were still disrespecting Juanita Broaddrick and the other Clinton Accusers only a year ago during the campaign?

Maybe Kurt could explain — if the Democrats are the ‘party of morality’ — why Conyers is ‘retiring’ instead of ‘resigning in disgrace.

Maybe Kurt could explain — if the Democrats are the ‘party of morality’ — why Franken’s speech on the Senate floor looked less like an apology for wrongdoing, and more like political posturing against Republicans?

Maybe Kurt could explain — if the Democrats are the ‘party of morality’ — why it is in any way acceptable for Franken to leave ‘in the coming weeks’? If he’s not leaving now, he’s leaving wiggle room to change his mind in the forseeable future ‘because that vote is too important to lose’.

That’s the moral high ground you’re ‘trading up’ for.

Since we’re quoting Coulter, she took a swipe at his apology that’s worth citing:

And you can add one more in a  trip down memory lane that Kurt may want to consider as he jumps ship to join the ‘enlightened’ Democrats

Like Moore, those Jones accused didn’t get the benefit of the doubt, either. Nor did anyone who refused to close ranks against him. And the team Kurt is ‘trading up’ to was once again on the wrong side of history. Siding, ironically, with Franken.

It’s the same party that denied accused men any due process in College.

It might be one thing if Kurt had the courage of his convictions to say ‘a pox on both their houses’ and denounced both parties as hopelessly compromised.

Instead, he hitched his wagon to the party of Weinstein.

Good luck with that.

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