The FBI’s Disgraced Adulterous Agent, Who Hates Trump, Also Loathes Pro-Lifers – Here’s The 411

The Hillary-supporting chick having an affair with a coworker that wanted an ‘insurance policy’ to keep Trump out of the White House got up on one helluva moral high-horse when pro-lifers were mentioned.

Not only was FBI lawyer Lisa Page ‘With Her’, she was pretty clear about her support of Hillary and opposition to Donald Trump in the mountain of text messages she sent to her FBI agent lover, Peter Strzok.

Trump isn’t the only one that Page didn’t like — in her texts, the pair expressed their disdain for President Trump referred to him as an ‘idiot’ and that Hillary should win ‘10,000,000 to 0’.

Page also expressed a hatred for Pro-Lifers.

It wasn’t a disagreement of the position of those with Pro-Life views, she wrote in a text to her paramour, Strzok that she ‘hated those people.’ The text was sent from Page to Strzok in reference to the 2016 March for Life. This isn’t disagreement with the pro-life position — this was personal.

You can see the text exchange between Page and Strzok here on page 13 of the Interim Report by Sen. Ron Johnson dated Feb. 6, 2018, in Appendix C – Documents.

Of course, this isn’t being covered on CNN.

You know why, right?

Life News gets it bang on:

Notice that Page did not merely disagree with the purpose of the March for Life, which is to protect the life of the unborn. No, she made it personal, expressing her hatred of pro-life men and women.

The media are not reporting on this at all. Why? One, as we have long known, most of the big media reporters and commentators are decidedly in the pro-abortion camp, and at least some of them share Page’s hatred for pro-life Americans. Two, it would not make their side look good to report it.

If someone in the Trump administration were caught saying that he “truly hates these Planned Parenthood people,” it would surely be reported; some would call for that person to resign.

Lisa Page should realize that America isn’t looking for moral clarity from a woman that was cheating on her husband with a married man. The adulterous pair weren’t just schtupping each other, but it appears as though they were trying to screw over the American people, too. They were high-level FBI operatives that may have been involved in attempting to circumvent the results of an American Presidential election with the full knowledge of POTUS Barry.

And these are only the texts that we do know about.

There could certainly be others.

Check out this exchange between Strzok and Page:

Moral high-ground?

I don’t think so.

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