The Fake News Media Doesn’t Want You To Know That A Revolution Is Going Down In Iran

While CNN was teaching their viewers new and exciting ways to hit a bong, some of us actually cared about an uprising in Iran.

Could it be they are just so full of Obama-era sycophants (the ‘thrill up his leg’ type) they only report stories that Obama would be tune in to watch?

That would answer a question or two, surely.

Well, while CNN and MSNBC looked for new and better ways to hate the President, Fox was actually reporting … News.

About what’s happening in Iran:

Maybe the other guys could give it a try, sometime.

Monday morning’s newscasts made a stark illustration of how much importance FNC places in the issue of human rights in Iran in contrast with the broadcast networks and CNN as Fox and Friends managed to spend five times as much time on the anti-government protests as ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN all combined that morning.

CNN’s New Day — which was mostly pre-recorded due to the holiday but included live portions — gave viewers three briefs which only totaled one and a half minutes, and barely scratched the surface of the weekend’s events that turned deadly for about a dozen protesters.

The reports neglected to implicate government forces in the killings, and even included a reference to President Hassan Rouhani lecturing protesters about not being violent, as if the protesters provoked their own deaths. CNN Newsroom had notably spent more time on the demonstrations over the weekend, but not much of it was included in the Monday edition of CNN’s flagship morning show.
Source: Newsbusters

You see similar priorities on the website.

ABC, CBS and MSNBC were no better, as you can see from their screenshots.

By contrast, Fox and Friends devoted four segments to Iran on Monday, totaling about 14 and a half minutes. Liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz, conservative activist John Bolton, and conservative commentator Michelle Malkin all appeared as guests and discussed Iran.

Dershowitz notably praised President Donald Trump’s handling of Iran in contrast with President Barack Obama, and suggested Trump deserves credit for inspiring protests against the Iranian government. Malkin complained that the media have blamed the protests on economic issues like unemployment rather than the authoritarian nature of the government.
Source: Newsbusters

By the time this article goes live, at least 21 protesters are known to have died. There are ongoing protests in every region of the nation.

But — just like Obama turned a blind eye in 2009, the media is doing the same today.

Trump, on the other hand, is shining a spotlight on it.

Via Twitter, of course:

Jan 1:

Jan 2:

What Ari Fleischer said about Europe is true also of the press.

And really they have no excuse to ignore this. Even their beloved Hillary is raising support of the Iranian protesters.

But there is still ONE reason they would want to stay silent … the deal with Iran was Obama’s #1 Foreign Policy Priority — even treating $1B/year Terror/drug/weapons trade in Hezbollah as a ‘small fish’ that could be thrown back while they chased that deal.

If the Regime in Iran falls, well, Obama looks like a chump, and Trump looks like freakin’ Nostradamus.

They really… REALLY… wouldn’t want to see that happen.

What Jim Acosta, Rachel Maddow and the Rest of The Media (D) STILL haven’t figured out yet is why we call them ‘Fake News’.

Let’s spell it out for them. In a shirt.

Because you know they won’t be able to figure it out on their own.

JOUR-NAL-IST: A Professional Liar For Liberal Causes

There’s a ladies’ version

And a men’s version

The problem isn’t just the lies they tell…

It’s the truth they DON’T tell…

And the opinions laced right through them.

It’s propaganda:

JOUR-NAL-IST: A Professional Liar For Liberal Causes

And the best part? This shirt is made in the USA, printed in the USA, on an American-Made t-shirt press!


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