Every GOOFY Liberal Gun Control ‘Argument’ Decimated By 1 Cartoon

Oh, those Leftists! Such sad little clowns.

They don’t realize that their silly arguments can be decimated by a 4-panel cartoon.

Leftists will never stop demanding gun control.

You can always count on leftist celebrities to showcase their own stupidity:

We need Patricia Arquette to edumacate all the murderers and let them know that murder is illegal, because that’ll solve the problem.

This ‘history writer’ doesn’t understand the new tactics of ISIS ‘lone wolves’.

The calls for increased background checks wouldn’t have stopped the last two mass shootings — both Stephen Paddock and Devin Kelley passed them.  Though, Devin Kelley should have been barred from owning firearms.

We should really listen to Nancy.  She’s right on so many things.

And in all the calls for ‘gun laws’, there is the neglect of the law that we already have on the books.

Oh!  So close, but not keen on curtailing freedoms, thanks.

That’s not gonna stop the celebrities.

Speaking of ‘common sense’,  Dana Loesch responds:

Is it even worth discussing the issue with people who can’t even be bothered to know what is and what isn’t the law before spouting off nonsense?

Or they just resort to insults.

Ugh.  I don’t know about you, but all the leftist stupid is giving me a headache.

It’s time for some real sense.

This is perfect.

Does your grandpa go off on paltry politicians, whether they be Democrats or Republicans? Does he get misty eyed when he talks about God and Country and America’s future? And have you ever heard him scream, ‘Awww … Hell no!’ when Rosie O’Donnell starts yapping on television? If you answered yes to one, or all of the above, then your gramps will love Doug Giles’ latest book, My Grandpa Is A Patriotic Badass.

Don’t be fooled by the title — this ain’t just for Grandpa.
The Snowflake Generation — and the rest of America — needs a good ol’ dose of ‘Grandpa wisdom’.
Especially if that Grandpa is Doug Giles.
You’ll love My Grandpa Is A Patriotic Badass just as much as Grandpa will.

The men and women in law enforcement that serve and protect us are commendable, but the response time means that they don’t get there when the bullets are flying.

Are you willing to wait 20 minutes for the police to show up?

It’s an issue that needs to be discussed within our churches and addressed by our church leaders.

We need some righteous badassery in the church to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our brothers and sisters in Christ from the preventable evil in this world.

We need to Obey Jesus.

Including what he said in Luke 22:36.

He [Jesus] said to them, “But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and likewise a knapsack. And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one.
– The Holy Bible, English Standard Version

For the badass, Christ-follower we’ve got the shirt for you.

Don’t worry, ladies, we haven’t left you out.

And the best part? This shirt is made in the USA, printed in the USA, on an American-Made t-shirt press!

Get yours now.

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