‘Dreamer’ Touts Trump For DACA Proposal – Dropkicks Pelosi Into Next Week

A ‘Dreamer’ that likes President Trump? Someone forward this to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and CNN.

This Mexican national that is a DACA recipient was brought across the border illegally by his mother when he was just a year old.  Today, he is stomping down all those ‘identity politics’ classifications.

He’s not out there waving a Mexican flag and demanding that everyone learn Spanish.

A Mexican native whose mother brought him to America at age 1 said President Trump has shown “leadership and compassion” toward DACA recipients like himself, while Democrats have conversely used them as “pawns.”

Hilario Yanez, who goes by Eli, said Trump showed courage to tackle the illegal immigration issue comprehensively during his first year in office.

Look at that! People are individuals that can think for themselves and don’t support policies based on their skin color, sexual orientation, or immigration status.

Yanez had once praised President Obama’s DACA Executive Order in a piece in the New York Times, as an opportunity for people that were brought here as children to ‘live the American dream’, but he’s not happy with the Democrat position on DACA and is instead praising President Trump’s leadership on the issue.

And it’s not just DACA that Yanez is praising, it’s the totality of the Trump immigration plan.

Yes, kiddies, Yanez is pro-Wall.

That’s gonna make some Democrat heads spin!

Watch this ‘Dreamer’ support the President’s immigration plan:

Yanez, now a graduate of the University of Houston, went on to verbally drop-kick the Dems further:

Yanez said top Democrats have “no clear message” on immigration policy, other than to “us[e] us as pawns.”

“They never should have shut down the government over DACA,” he said, mentioning Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) by name. “There is plenty of time on the table to fix this. March 5 is the deadline.”

Source: Fox News

To further injure the Dems, Yanez declares that President Trump as perhaps ‘one of the greatest Presidents to get things done’. He also says that he gets goosebumps when he hears the Star Spangled Banner, would never kneel like some athletes have *cough* NFL *cough*, and expressed willingness to serve in our military.

Watch as Yanez praises President Trump:

It’s good to see that there are ‘Dreamers’ out there like Hilario Yanez.

Frankly, he’s more patriotic than a lot of the clowns on the left and that last guy that was in the White House.

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