DORK: Barack’s AGAINST ‘The Wall’ Except When It’s Around HIS HOUSE

Hey, Barry! What happened to ‘We shouldn’t hide behind walls’?

Obama was keen to call out President Trump (indirectly) by discussing not ‘hiding behind a wall’ in his recent appearance in Berlin.

Watch here at the 1-minute mark:

While he was giving that speech, the finishing touches on the 10-foot wall in front of his new Washington D.C. home were being completed.

But wait! There’s more!

Obama’s home in Chicago is also still fortified, despite neighbors — including a Synagogue — making requests that the barricades be brought down.

Looks like Barry is fine with protecting himself and his family, but not so much the United States.

Well, that’s no real shocker.

We lived under 8 years of that hypocritical leftist crap.

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